"Fortschritt NRW"

With its research strategy “Fortschritt NRW” the North-Rhine Westphalian Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research has reoriented its research policy: “Fortschritt NRW” stands for policy-making that places human beings at its centre. In order to meet the great challenges facing society, new concepts and ideas as well as a new definition of innovation are needed: in this context, sustainable progress means more than just the development of new technologies: it must facilitate social, economic and ecological progress.

"Innovations are more and more turning into social processes, services and solutions that place equal focus on the impact for people, society and environment. Progress includes the social question and combines economics with ecology."

(Svenja Schulze, Minister of Innovation, Science and Research, North-Rhine Westphalia)


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"Regional Innovation Networks"

"Regional Innovation Networks" are a tool within the "Fortschritt NRW" research strategy: they were established to meet the global challenges (climate change, demographic development, health care and food security, shortage of resources and energy supply, access to information and mobility) at local level. They employ a transdisciplinary mode of operation, meaning they are based on a long-term collaboration between differing worlds of knowledge and expertise to address cross-disciplinary issues.

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Tasks and Objectives

Germany has one of the world's best health-care and social security systems. In everyday life, however, interaction between the individual health-care segments and their stakeholders proves in many instances to be less than optimal: each individual segment specialises only in its particular task within the system, so the system as a whole must be improved to meet the needs of society and those affected.

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Key Issues

In addition, the Regional Innovation Network shall address various other issues, including:

o    Autonomy in old age
o    Secure living conditions for the elderly
o    Integration of the elderly in society
o    Health in old age
o    Treatment of typical age-related diseases

Steering Committee

Specialist support for the project will be provided by a "Steering Committee" consisting of representatives from different organisations and fields of expertise.


The members of the Steering Committee are:

Akademie Gesundheitswirtschaft und Senioren
Oberbergischer Kreis (AGewiS)  
Ursula Kriesten
Bain & Company Germany Inc. Dr. Gunther Schwarz
Gemeinnütziger Hauspflegeverein Solingen e.V. Tassilo Mesenhöller
gewi-Institut für Gesundheitswirtschaft e.V. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Goetzke
Landesseniorenvertretung NRW Dr. Martin Theisohn
medicoreha Welsink Rehabilitation GmbH Dieter W. Welsink
Nova Vita Residenzen Dr. Uwe Lüdemann
NRW Fortschrittskolleg GROW Dr. Konstanze Arp
Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Gesundheitsamt Dr. Franz-Josef Schuba
spitama healthcare Dr. Thomas Lauscher
Terranus Consulting GmbH Hermann Josef Thiel
Trägerverein aktiv55plus e.V. Kyra Springer
Universitätsklinikum Bonn Alexander Pröbstl
Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Minderjahn Dr. Peter Minderjahn
Zu Huss e.V. Ulrike Kennchen-Schlebusch
  Detlev Sachse
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