The Regional Innovation Network “Healthy Ageing” (RIN) is based at the gewi-Institut für Gesundheitswirtschaft e.V. (institute for health economics).

RIN uses the infrastructure provided by the association Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V. (HealthRegion CologneBonn)


The Cologne/Bonn region is one of six formally designated health-promotion regions of North-Rhine Westphalia. Here you can find professional excellence in all fields of life sciences - especially in medical research, vocational training and continued professional education, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, medical technology, patient care, health insurance, and other areas of health economics and health-care communications.


The health-sector association "Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V.", established mid-year 2009, acts as a cross-sector network hub for companies, institutions and associations in the health-care system of the Rhineland's metropolitan region. The association's purpose is to mesh science, research, private sector economy, health-care and the other fields of human medicine and health care more closely together by

•  Developing and extending regional structures within the health-care system,

•  Integrating all involved interests

•  Improving communication in the health-care system at both national and international level

•  Raising funds

• Promoting transfer of knowledge and cooperation between university and non-university institutions and companies

•  Working to improve the structural framework of the health-care management industry.

At present, the association "Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V." counts 125 active members hailing from all major segments of the health-care management industry. For further information please visit here.

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