thumb netzwerk webThe partners to the Network have been recruited from the members of the association Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V. (HealthRegion CologneBonn). Cooperation from other organisations that wish to take an active role in promoting healthy ageing is always welcome.


The Regional Innovation Network “Healthy Ageing” (RIN) is based at the gewi-Institut für Gesundheitswirtschaft e.V. (institute for health economics).

RIN uses the infrastructure provided by the association Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn e.V. (HealthRegion CologneBonn)


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Become a Partner

If you are interested in working together with the Regional Network "Healthy Ageing", we will be happy to hear from you. Please contact us at:

gewi-Institut für Gesundheitswirtschaft e.V.
Im MediaPark 4 d

50670 Köln

Telefon:   0221/ 12 606 43 - 0

Fax:        0221/ 12 606 43 - 33
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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